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Credible Australian Alien Experience _ Alex Player Empty Credible Australian Alien Experience _ Alex Player

Post by Willow Windwalker on Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:03 am

On the night of October 5th 2010, I was testing my new sony nightvision camera on my cat,(I had just purchased it weeks before off ebay) Anyway my cat baza jumped up and decided to walk along the porch rail, he looked to the left into the long grass three times and then he jumped off and looked once again, I decided to see what he was looking at, at first I couldn't see anything because it was pitch black, so i looked through the cameras preview screen which was very small and i saw this figure and it was quite blurry on the small screen, i didn't really know what it was. But when the camera focused i saw a figure with a large head and large eyes. I was amazed at what i was seeing, but still didn't exactly know what it was. Then it disappeared and reappeared 20 meters to the left from where it was first.It then shined this red thing at me, and aimed it at the kitchen window,All i could see now(through my eyes) was a red light, But through the camera i could see the being and the light. It then disappeared and i had the urge to run out there and get a better look, when i got out there i felt surrounded and quickly ran back up, before i got to the door, it appeared again, and i ducked below some buckets and held the camera above trying to see it more. It disappeared and i ran inside, and i locked all doors and windows, but didn't see it again that night.

~ Alex Player, Bilambil Heights, NSW, Australia

If you check out Alex's channel, he has had multiple ongoing experiences, the latest being December, 2011 with seven foot tall Zeta Reticulans.

Radio Interview about the sightings:

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